13 November 2005

culture in the desert

long before I knew of Palm Springs as a major gay resort I was fascinatd with it as a playground of the stars.

silent star Charlie Farrell startd the Racquet Club. generations of blonde bombshells (Jean Harlow   Betty Grable   Marilyn Monroe) playd there. James Dean drove too fast in its streets. hunks like George Montgomery & Guy Madison & Richard Harrison had homes there. that vibe still retains its power for me. but it's not just a playground. the art museum there is a must stop every time I visit. the film noir festival is important for cinemaddicts.

& now the vivacious Kimberly Nichols has a blog which covers arts activities in the area. her current entry discusses the work of Cole Morgan.


knichols said...

thank you babydoll

jeff w said...

is this the same Charlie Farrell who played Vern Albright on My Little Margie? Loved that show as a kid. loved the sophisticated silliness, the rich huge apartment they lived in; loved Vern's hair and voice.

AlexG said...

Farrell was a silent screen hunk. he & Janet Gaynor were a popular screen team. when his film career sputterd out he became famous in PS with the Racquet Club. he came out of retirement as an actor for that very tv series. with so many old shows being reborn via DVD perhaps he'll make yet another comeback.