16 November 2005

in the news

mornings begin for my sweet mother with 2 newspapers & breakfast. she doesn't simply devour the papers she cuts them up & disperses the clippings around town & in the mail to family & friends. she even sent Martha Stewart clippings in jail.

in the envelope of clippings I got from her yesterday was an intriguing one abt Marlene Dietrich. apparently she spent those last years alone in her apartment writing poems. & her daughter is publishing a selection. many are addressd to lovers both male (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) & female (Mercedes de Acosta).

also in yestyerday's mail was a clipping sent from Culver City by Billy. it was Christopher Knight's review of the Orange County Musuem of Art exhibition "John Waters: Change of Life." in it Knight writes "The 79 works emerge as Conceptual Pop -- the illegitimate love child of John Baldessari and Andy Warhol." I adore that category because it seems to come close to some of my infrequent art projects.

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