11 October 2005

prepare yr sunglasses

I'm taking the mysterious reappearance of my photo as a sign to continue. as Jim Cory told me it's important as a record.

however I'm heading to the airport. returning to Ohio for my final visit of the year with my folks.

so there'll be a break. let's hope that when I come back a new brilliance will be brought here   a dazzle which will prompt commentary from far & wide.


jeff w said...

I always comment after reading your weblogs: I just rarely write them down.

no one applauded after Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. consider yourself in good company.

Okir said...

Please continue, Alex!

richard lopez said...

if you had a counter on yr blog, or tracker, or whatever it is called, you'd see that i visit yr writing at least twice a day. i need me alex fix! and don't forget to give tom and yrself a big hug and kiss from me.