10 October 2005

time to fold?

no comments for a week.

& this morning I find my new photo has been replacd by a red x.


LaCharity said...

Hi Alex, Ralph here ... just espied your Aloud post of late and did post a comment that appeared briefly, then disappeared quickly ... was it deleted or wha-?

AlexG said...

Ralph -- thank you so much for writing again. my Aloud post slippd into the archives & I never saw yr detaild response. it's still there tho. go to archives & click on "sept."

how cd I have ever forgotten Bill Polak's major role? I feel bad. I guess now that I'm an old fart I can blame it on memory. & those were my drinking days. of course any poet who was at Kent in any of that era treasures what you & Bill & Maj did.

I leave for Kent tomorrow & will dine with Tom Beckett at Ray's. I'm sure our table will be full of ghosts. some like Doug Baird & Mort Krahling will be true ghosts. others will be still living & working poets who just won't be physically present. I'm expecting what a party.

mark young said...

Tom a
kiss from me


richard lopez said...

and for me too. big smooches for the both of you.

Anonymous Poet said...

Here I am!