13 February 2005

Grammy hype

pre-show publicity suggestd some historicity in the duet between Jennifer Lopez & her current paramour. all it showd was why she's better known for her butt than her voice.

then a bit later in the show Queen Latifah let loose. now there was a moment.

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tejaz said...

a few years back her hubby (marc anthony) had had a couple of hits. i'd heard them and even prolly sang along a time or two. just another pop tune though, a song on the radio that touched me in no way. but once, i heard him sing, and i will never forget it.

shortly after 9/11, though i can't recall if it was a few weeks or a few months, i was working in my office on a busy night with the door open. i could hear the tv's and the buzz of people chatting nearby. i wasn't listening, but noticed when it changed. a man started singing the national anthem and the room went silent. i wanted to know what was going on, but even more i was drawn to that incredible voice. first thing i noticed when i entered the room was that literally everyone was staring at the televisions. some had mouths open mid-sentence, and others had forks full of food suspended inches above their plates. i'd walked into a room frozen in time and as amazed as i was, i too was drawn to the voice. maybe it was timing, but i walked into the room of hyptonized patrons and only had a couple of seconds of managerial thoughts before i too was swept away. after the song ended, and before i walked away i overheard a guest say, "i dunno, i think he's one of the back street boys".

lordy, that boy can sing.