03 February 2005


I knew any State of the Union presentd by this president wd be like smearing frosting on a pile of mold.

so last nite I watchd Lila Lee in "I Can't Escape" (1934). Lila's sister sold real estate in my hometown. she came to visit from time to time. her passions seemd to be books & booze. I adord her.

Lila began her career on stage as a child & became a star in silent films while still a teenager. her leading men were a who's who: Valentino   Houdini   Wallace Reid   Lon Chaney   Bela Lugosi & her first husband James Kirkwood. she slippd into talkies with ease but the drinking took its toll & she slid from lead roles in A pictures to supporting parts in stinkers. but I always enjoy seeing her. last nite's film was as slight as they come. she was a high class call girl   quick with a quip   who goes domestic with a parolee. her co-stars were a pair of forgotten actors who met hideous ends in real life -- Onslow Stevens (who was murderd) & Russell Gleason (who fell out a hotel window).

I fixd green tea to accompany my cappuchino cookies while watching the movie. Lila Lee at her least is more rewarding than Shrub. Lila Lee looms larger in my life than this president. I try to be a good citizen but I can't watch the faux cowboy. that condescending smirk turns my stomach. it's not healthy for me to even look at him. so cookies & tea with a vision of black hair in a bob. Lila   esculent in tulle   & me   resplendent in flannel. together we make it thru the nite.

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Steve said...

Will have to check out this movie and Lila, Alex!

Shrub -- Ugh, so god-awful ugly. Of course, I haven't been able to watch very much TV of any kind since he got re-elected. Too sickened by "his World," which, of course, TV mirrors throughout 92% of its so-called diverse programming. (Before the re-election, I could "use TV" to launch counter-insurgencies, whatever, that provided me at least the illusion that "my resistance" might make a dent. The last couple of months, however, I've resolved to retreat, reassemble, recharge -- plot out other, new fronts from which to reproach the creepazoids,

including, of course, relinquishing some of the habitual "military vocab" and "direct approaches," Ha, altogether, at least for awhile. Well, you know, put attention into Beauty and Love in the world that Bush and Co./Country can't destroy because they don't live in the same world anyhow. Whatever. You know what I mean.)

Then, though, I miss (when I'm really, really away from the tube for extended periods of time) the genuinely good stuff one can take in there, like the movies you help keep fellow aficionados like me apprised of.

Anyway, just dropping by to say Hello, read your latest notes, visit. :) Steve