27 February 2005

Beckett strikes again

this time he grills Nick Piombino & like his other interviews this one allows the subject to present history & lucidity.

a couple of little things bouncd off the screen at me:

1) early on Piombino was published in American Weave. this little magazine from Cleveland is largely forgotten. if memory serves I first saw it in the stacks at Kent State's library. the first of my several appearances in the magazine came in 1963. its editor was Loring Williams who publishd the work of Cleveland poets as disparate as d.a. levy & Alfred Cahen. I think it's forgotten because the work wasn't always good & there seemd no theoretical base to its editorship. but Williams was an encourager of talent & deserves to be rememberd with respect.

2) Piombino once met Robert Smithson.

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Tom Beckett said...


Thanks for yr encouragement and the note about _American Weave_. I wasn't aware of the Ohio connection. What was it Dawn Powell wrote about everyone seemingly coming from Ohio?