01 December 2017

ho ho & one mo ho

I'm not much of a Xmas person but I have had a box of seasonal items for decades. some years I take them out & "decorate." others not. last year was my first Xmas since becoming a Palm Springs resident. but my remodel had only been finishd weeks before & I was in no mood to strew the house with knicknackery. this year I decided to bring all the memories out of storage.

the wreath has special meaning for me now. Dad made it from grapevine in the backyard on Winckles St. the stuffd joy was a gift from Dug Funnel years ago.

I've never been a fan of Xmas trees but have assembled ornaments over the years. the first house I ever ownd by myself was the one on Morris Rd in Kent. my boyhood sled was mountd above the fireplace & I'd put the ornaments on it.

in my house in Santa Fe I brought the items out in the years I knew I was having houseguests. then is was on my fireplace mantel.

here the sled is in my master bathroom & I have no fireplace.  so I assembled the memories on my livingroom table.

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