20 December 2017

a man in tights

I cdn't listen to any more news of the tax bill from the idiot in the White House & the Republican millionaires in Congress. so I watchd the Disney version of the Robin Hood tale.

as a boy I was a Disney fan & after seeing this fell for Richard Todd. it was decades before I finally saw him in Beverly Hills. I was a bit startled at how short he was. his date that nite was his friend & sometimes co-star Glynis Johns -- equally diminutive. they were so cute together   reminding me of the couple on the wedding cake.

a couple of side glances:

1) tonite's TCM screening was hostd by Leonard Maltin. in his post screening chatter he switched the names of actors James Robertson Justice & James Hayter.

2) I'd forgotten that Peter Finch playd the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. one day we'll be neighbors for eternity. his space is down the hall & around the corner from mine.

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rob2 said...


Dear Alex, I recorded this movie in Dec. but haven't (re)watched it yet. I remember seeing it in the 50's (I was probably 8 or 10) and tho't Richard Todd was the bees' knees. When I found out that there would be a Robin Hood TV series, I was ecstatic. But then Richard Greene, not Todd, took that part. I was crestfallen, but gradually became a Greene fan, although Todd remains my favorite to this day. I don't think I ever saw Todd in another role, although online sources say he had quite a number of them.

I love it that you continue to post.

Happy New Year,