21 December 2017


I don't understand them. I mean why do we dream what we dream?

maybe there is an answer which I haven't uncoverd. whatever..... I'm constantly intrigued by their content.

last nite I dreamt that I was meeting a high school English teacher named Jeri Lu Wagstaff. she was important in my development as a serious writer because she encouraged me. in the dream I did what I've been unable to do in real life -- to thank her in person.

this is the only photo I have of her. I took it when some of her best students (Roberta & Tom & Martha & I) surprised her with an art installation & performance art.

yesterday I rec'd my annual Xmas card from Roberta (now living in London). maybe that was a trigger for this dream?

so I may not understand dreams. I may not like all of them. but this one made me feel good. 

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