18 June 2014

student activism -- "Mad Men" style

Gerry Simon postd this stunning photo he took in 1966 on Facebook. it shows me with other students during the first known sit-in in the office of the president of Kent State University (then Robert White).

the student newspaper had publishd a lit mag calld Collage. Bill Bierman was editor & Tony Walsh literary editor. it included 2 of my poems (item C50 in my biblio) as well as photographs by Michael Chikiris. the wingnut head of the journalism department took issue with the anti-war sentiment of the publication & attemptd to block it.

altho the names of some of those in the picture have faded from my memory I do recognize Julie Thomas & Rich Heilman.


Alex Gildzen said...

the fellow next to me is Matt Bufwack who was president of the Young Democratic Club

Alex Gildzen said...

& at the top is the late Tom Benner


Matthew Bufwack said...

Hello Alex, long time, no see. The fellow on the far right is d. Michael Vandervere. Though I new everyone in the room that night, but I can't put names to some of the faces. Thanks for the memories. We done good that night!

Alex Gildzen said...

great to hear from you Matthew. don't we all look good here?

Matthew Bufwack said...

Sure do! It was a real gathering of eagles that descended on old Bob White that evening.