24 June 2014

Rusty Nail

just learnd that this popular Twin Lakes restaurant has closed.

the story of the place is long. when I moved to TL it was housed in a lovely old building (across the street from where artists Algesa & Joseph O'Sickey lived).  we went often & took visitors there when we wantd a special meal. in Liszt & Other Lists the opening piece is "Eat." its second second is a list of some of the people with whom I dined there.

I'm not sure of the details of its history but at some point Don Bentley who ownd the place built a larger -- & quite ugly -- building behind it & moved his operations there. the original structure became known at Pheasant's Roost. that structure burnd down in 2008.

so the Rusty Nail that just shutterd wasn't the same physical building that I remember. but its fate still brings back fond memories of great conversations many years ago.

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