10 June 2014

art in the desert

after our 2-hour hike we drove back into town where it was 107.  we went to 2 shows. the gallery at the Bellagio was exhibiting "Painting Women."  all the work was on loan from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

the painting that captivatd me was this 1885 self portrait by Ellen Day Hale (1855-1940). 

I confess I didn't know this haunting work. it's the one piece I came back to for a final long look before we ventured back to the heat of the Strip.

our next stop was the new Polaroid Museum. their inaugural exhibition is "Capturing Celebrity."  it's a collection of Andy Warhol's polaroids -- most of which are well-known.

when I went to the opening of Warhol's landmark show at the Whitney in 1971 I didn't have a camera. so I don't have a photo with him. now I sorta do.

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