17 April 2014

one month

without my evening dessert. a whole month without even a whiff of chocolate.


I was watching a movie & cramming M&Ms into my mouth when I suddenly stoppd & told myself "this is crazy." I don't even taste what I'm eating & there's no enjoyment here.  I'm prone to addictions. & eating sweets had evolved into just another addiction.  I'd start to panic if I didn't have a dessert to accompany my evening film. I'd stockpile desserts in the freezer -- just as protection.  instead of cutting a pie into 6 pieces I'd cut it into quarters.

so I went on a sabbatical. to see if I cd.  & to reassess. it was a good experience. I know where I am.  I'm ready to resume sweets -- but with control.

at a certain age dessert is like sex.  it's better if you don't have it every nite.

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