25 April 2014

17 to 71

markd my 71st birthday with a hike at Villaneuva State Park with the group.  I wore a sweater I had when I was 17.

the only picture I have of me wearing the same Brian MacNeil lambswool sweater when I was 17 is this one from my high school yearbook.  it's a scan of me interviewing Pulitzer prize winning journalist Lynn Heinzerling.

& a special thx to Jim Fusco who surprisd me at lunch at La Risa Cafe in Ribera with a beautiful cake.


cinemage books said...

happy belated birthday old pal. I'm so bad remembering birth days and didn't see it on facebook.

Bob said...

To my best electronic pen pal in the whole world. May 71 be a banner year.

Bill Fogle said...

Love this post.