15 April 2014

fastest turnaround ever

during the nite I didn't take a picture of the blood moon. my camera doesn't have a magic lens.  so I wrote a poem because I do.

after a few hours sleep I got up to feed the cat. tried to go back to sleep but my mind was moonsmackd. I thot I'd put a couple of bloodstaind poems together & send them off to Bree who likes to do such projects. she too was moonsmackd & sd yes. before I cd even take a nap she'd done this cover

which she put online with this notice:

"Poems that Drip Blood" (in memory of Todd Moore) available now $5 paypal to greenpandapress@gmail.com or cheques to Green Panda Press 3174 berkshire rd cleve hts oh 44118.

she promises a small edition so diehards out there send her some money now.

besides the glory of the blood moon here's the rest of the back story.  Todd Moore has been on my mind more than usual lately.  John Dorsey & I just had a lively exchange abt him.  of course there's much blood in his poems.  & years ago when I did my series "Stains"  the one with my blood I sent to him. as I tossd in bed trying to return to sleep but not succeeding somehow putting recent poems with blood in them seemd to overlay with Todd.  the lurid title came from my semi-sleep state. I was confusing the British horror film with a Barbara Stanwyck telefilm. (for my 50th birthday Todd wrote a tribute which combines Stanwyck & blood.)

& one of the things abt Todd that I value most is his ability to write poems anywhere & everywhere & all the time & get them into the world quickly. he'd love Bree & all she does. just like I love Bree & all she does.

so send her some money.  this will clearly be one of the scarcest items in the Gildzen bibliography.

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