24 July 2013

Mary Leed (1930-2013)

I've learnd that Mary Leed died last month. I'm still in shock.

I've known Jake & Mary for 50 years. there are too many memories to record them all here.  the earliest were their legendary parties.  often they were for visiting poets -- such as Denise Levertov & James Dickey. & of course there were the famous G & Ts. in fact when they left Kent I got their gin & tonic glasses which are still in my kitchen.

here is a Guy Berard portrait of the couple:

for many Jake & Mary are best known for their acting in several of the films of Richard Myers.  my favorite is "Jungle Girl" (1984):

Jake took this of Mary with me in their backyard in Cambridge in 1997:

Mary kept her final illness private & there have been no obituaries publishd. but her life was important to me & I feel the need to share the grief of her passing.

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