09 July 2013

aftermath of the storm

woke to find some hail still there.  hundreds of leaves under apricot trees.  new lilac smashd.  baby hollyhocks gone. Dad's Japanese lanterns in shreds.

covering on my outdoor table is in tatters with some pock marks on the table.

Rita reports dead birds in her yard.  other neighbors had indoor flooding.

& the morning paper tells of a woman who died in an arroyo.


Tom Beckett said...

Wow. Hail storms freak me out. I remember sitting in my car during a brief one -- listening to the pounding a couple of inches above my head, watching them explode on the hood of my car, seeing them pile up on the ground. It was surreal.

I'm going to prove to Google now that I'm not a robot. Of course I almost inevitably mistake a letter for another letter on the first go around. Perhaps I'm part robot.

Alex Gildzen said...

message rec'd.

translation: Beckett no robot.