11 April 2013

when you've lived

as long as I have you've encounterd so many people. & so many kinds of people.

I've known milkshake people who curdled. & vile folk who came thru when needed. I knew a boy who stole money & the gold watch my mother gave my grandfather.  I was in love with a man who came into the bedroom with a knife & told me he was going to kill me.  I servd on the board of a charity with a young man who was murderd.

somehow I've ended up living alone. most days that's a good thing. yesterday was a struggle. a dear neighbor -- knowing the particulars of my upset -- came to my door with a bag of my favorite brownies. that sweet act began to lead me out of my funk. & it got me to thinking how lucky I've been. for every cad who was in my life there have been so many more kind & generous souls. I won't name names but I know many of those I'm thinking of are reading this now. & to each of you I want you to know that I wdn't have made it this far without yr help & understanding.  

& I pause to remember all those dear ones who aren't reading this. those who have died. I hope I told each of you how much you meant to me.

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