30 April 2013

my birthday book

Blossoms is not a "collectd poems." it does cover my entire poet career but it's a theme-based selection.

it opens with what is my earliest surviving poem. a Mozart I was not.  so this simple poem written when I was 12 is more memorable to me than to most readers. but I make no excuses for using it. it clearly shows that the themes I first used I continue to use. also I find it fascinating that I was not only reading Emily Dickinson at that age but was trying to imitate her.

when NightBallet Press publisher Dianne Borsenik deliverd my copies of the book on my actual birthday I was delightd to discover that she had askd Tom Kryss to write an introduction.  we are both survivors of the Cleveland poetry scene of the 60s which continues to fascinate younger readers.  universities have begun to collect the writers of that moment which I suspect means that dissertations & books will follow.

& let me present a heartfelt thank you to Dianne.  as a former Elyrian I'm thrilld that national attention is coming to a press from my hometown. & Dianne was superb as an editor.  her sharp eye saved me a couple of embarrassments. her placement of the Chandra Alderman moonflower photographs is lovely. on a personal note I want everyone to know that she put in a 12-hour day on her real job & still drove to Winckles St to be able to present me with the book on my birthday. as a poet who celebrates events I'm forever grateful to her for that.

getting old is as much fun as a root canal.  but events such as these ease the journey.

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Dianne Borsenik said...

You are more than kind to me, Alex, and I was honored and thrilled to publish your birthday collection. Your poems are wonderful, and the theme is strong and poignant throughout the book. Thank you for your support of NightBallet Press. It was a special treat for me to see you and give you Blossoms on your birthday.