08 April 2013

Bob Kidney's jacket

after reading this wonderful piece in HuffPo I went straight to my closet.  there in the back is a brown sports jacket. it's mentiond in #29 of Postcard Memoirs.

in the fall of 1966 Bob Kidney needed some quick cash.  I no longer remember the specifics of his offering to sell me his jacket nor the price.  because there is no label in the jacket I have the feeling that it was tailord for him. back in those days I didn't have that many sports coats & wore it often.

it's been years since I last heard the Numbers Band.  in my drunk days when I driftd thru most of the bars in Kent I heard them more often than any other band in my life.  I was always stumpd that they never went on to a huge career. but now that I'm older I'm happy they didn't.  because they continue to play great music.  & finally the world is catching up with them.  finally the world is coming to Kent to hear the Kidney brothers.

so a local legend begins to spread.  how sweet for them. & for the town that's known from the beginning that this was something special.


-K- said...

I have a friend who grew up in Kent and she still talks about the great concerts the Numbers Band put on.

"The Eye Game" is one song I recall her mentioning.

Alex Gildzen said...

Bob Kidney sent me this background on the jacket:

It originaly had a belt. I bought it at Richmond Bros located in the State Rd shopping center next to the co-op supermarket where I worked as a bagger and on the night crew. The salesman's name at Richmond was Jack Eagars.