19 March 2012

Steve Tills writes

abt Percy & Bess for Good Reads:

Well, I'm biased, of course, as ONE, Alex Gildzen is one of my very best and dearest friends in the world, and TWO, _Percy & Bess_ is a Hank's Original (http://www.hanksoriginal.com/Loose_Grave...) chapper.

But let's consider 2 key criteria: Can you read it again and again, rather than exhausting its meaning on a first read (as is the case with so much ridiculously transparent "easy reading" useless poetry)? And is there anything else like it, or is it so properly "unique" that it cannot be "reproduced" by simple paraphrasing?

_Percy & Bess_ makes it new on both counts. You can read it again and again. As Crag Hill has written (http://willtoexchange.blogspot.com/2005/...), "it invites multiple reads." And it's unique, one of a kind. Gildzen's the only one who's done it.

Others will in time, though. It'll catch on. :) 

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