14 March 2012

Cris Alexander (1920-2012)

growing up in Elyria eons before the internet a boy found his culture as best he cd. it was my pal Tom who introduced me to the books of Patrick Dennis which Cris Alexander illustratd with his witty photographs. we howld over the prose & pictures in Little Me & First Lady.  we felt a bit sophisticatd when we "got" many of the in jokes. but of course there were so many more for which we had no clue.  neither of us were aware that Alexander put his partner in drag & photographd him as Sarah Bernhart.

learning of Alexander's death so quickly after that of his partner is sad. remembering their work together however brings a little smile.


Bill Fogle said...

I like the new design here (haven't been here in a while). I have great respect for your blog and I was sad when you selected such a strip-down look for it a while back. The photo of the arroyo house, it seems to me, is the bedrock of being "at Alex's blog" and I still think it should span the page. Nevertheless :) Nice to see it back.

cinemage books said...

what's with the birds? I couldn't place the name until I read your post and of course little me, I remember getting off on the sexy semi nude men in the book.

Alex Gildzen said...

Bill & Ira --

it's tough to find a template you can mold completely. I've done the best I can with the resources I have. I suspect if I were smarter I'd know how to bend things to make this totally mine. but I like it better than my brief adventure with the "dynamic" template which no one seemd to like.