09 March 2012


I don't understand them but they intrigue me.

the other nite I woke at 3:30 in the middle of a nitemare featuring my father.  then last nite I was at a theater watching long-dead character actor Howard Wendell.  I waitd for him backstage.  I reminded him of our actual only meeting (which is discussd in my chapbook Elyria).
as only in dreams we segue from chatting while walking the streets of NYC to being in the livingroom of Geof Huth.  focus changes to a discussion I have with Geof abt a chapbook of his.  but he soon tires of me because there's a young female groupie in attendance. Wendell too ignores me to join in with Geof & the girl.  soon the 3 of them begin kissing & I take out my camera to record the activity.  I awake in mid-click.

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Geof Huth said...

Ohh, the way of dreams. To imagine me having a groupie is improbable enough, let alone the rest of it. Dreams are weird things. There was, for instance, cunnilingus in my dream from last night (this morning), but that's a bit more believable!