16 December 2011

tonite I watchd

a little western calld "Untamed Frontier." it gave special billing "introducing" Suzan Ball. actually she'd already had bits in 2 other films.

seeing her for the first time in a while I recalld some years ago when Ira Joel Haber was visiting & I showd him the movie star scrapbooks I kept as a kid. under a picture of the Universal-International starlet I wrote "the late great Suzan Ball." Ira laughd at my youthful exuberance.

Ball -- a second cousin of the more famous Lucy -- isn't well rememberd today. she only made a handful of films before her death at age 21. I remember liking her a great deal. here's a photo she signd for me:

Ball had affairs with co-stars Scott Brady & Anthony Quinn before marrying Richard Long while fighting the cancer that killd her. none of her films were classics but she had a presence. seeing her again brought back many memories of my boyhood at the movies.

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