03 December 2011

I don't like hot dogs but

they've been on my mind a lot of late. it startd with the recent demolishing of the Thai Hot Dog Stand on the corner of Hollywood Blvd & Western. the place had closed by the time I startd staying down the street at the Coral Sands. I doubt I'd ever dine there but the giant hot dog on top of the building had become iconic.

then there's the current tv commercial for Pink's -- where I have eaten a couple of times. there is always a line & standing in that line is as much a part of the experience as its actual fare.

two other hotdoggeries are a part of LA history. Carney's is in a former railroad car. it's been on Sunset Blvd since 1975. I ate there once & that was enough.

then there's the legendary Tail o' the Pup. I first knew it on La Cienega & here I am with the famous structure in 1987 after it had moved to its final location on San Vicente.

apparently Tail o' the Pup is in storage waiting for another location while the hot dog from Hollywood & Western is on a building elsewhere.


AlexG said...

my concentration in this post was LA but I'd be remiss without mentioning a couple of hotdoggeries of note back in Ohio -- Tony Packo's in Toledo & Hot Dog Heaven in Amherst.

richard lopez said...

steve martin's love letter to his city L.A. STORY opens with the TAIL O' THE PUP in the process of relocation via helicopter. the camera pans across the sky as the PUP and the chopper move from right to left [if i remember that right] while keepin the street bustle at the bottom of the frame. oh but for the magic of movies, to be nostalgic for something one never even experienced because i've never eaten their or at PINKS but have fond memories of them juust the same.