17 November 2011

snail mail

don't receive much anymore


in the past week a dozen catalogs have arr'd


H A R R Y G O A Z said...


AlexG said...

thx Deputy Andy

richard lopez said...

hey, i like catalogs! anna showed me this one, VERMONT COUNTRY STORE, which specializes in retro culture. ribbon candy your grandmother had, old fashioned undies, christmas stollers, but the clinker for me was canned bread. it comes either plain or with raisins and is canned by a company with the unfortunate initials B&M. i loved canned bread when i was a kid and am going to look for it when we go grocery shopping this weekend. and all this nostalgia is thanks to a catalog. god bless 'em!

AlexG said...

underwear & ribbon candy in the same catalog? kinky enuf for a poem.