29 November 2011

Nancy Metcalf (1921-2011)

some may know of her as the wife of Paul Metcalf -- one of the most important American writers of the 20th century.

but I knew Nancy as a strong intelligent funny woman who always held her own in the household. yes she was the model of a writer's wife: loyal & supportive. but she knew who she was. I was lucky to have her as a friend.

when I visitd the Metcalfs at Wild Thymes I usually spent more time with Paul. Nancy always went to bed early. Paul & I wd then spend hours talking into the nite. but when Nancy & I had our time alone together there was never an awkward -- or quiet -- moment. it seems we were immediate friends. our conversations wd range from cooking to movies to things other worldy.

around the house are gifts from Nancy: an antique wooden bowl   a Romertopf   Warhol's cat book   & from my last visit to her that beautiful rock which she gave me the moment I expressd my fascination with it.

Nancy Metcalf was one of the beautiful people in my life. I'll miss the way she'd suddenly break into a dance. that's what I see first when I think of her.

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Bob said...

What a lovely tribute to her. I'm sure you will miss her spirit, but what a shining example of how to live. A year of heavy losses, for sure.