16 November 2011

behind the curtain

Hollywood is like Oz. the glitter is carefully orchestratd.

the other day we were passing Grauman's Chinese & I decided to have a look for the slab I saw Peter O'Toole do earlier in the year. as Billy & I were leaving I saw a pair of workmen at a side door:

being inquisitive I lookd closer:

these are the prints Mickey Rourke left not long ago. I'm not sure where they'd been & where they were going. only recently I found out that stars do practice slabs inside before coming out before the cameras for the final product. so perhaps that's what these are.


Bob said...

Those little wooden cases are just like the ones shown when Lucy stole John Wayne's slab, remember?!

AlexG said...

strangely just the other day I pointd out John Wayne's slab to Billy & mentiond that Lucy episode