12 October 2011

more of the gone

back in my boozing days I saved swizzle sticks. (what didn't I save?) of course many of the places they represent are history. I began thinking abt this when I postd those old Hollywood pix. I opend a cupboard & faced the glass holding the collection & there was the swizzle from Cock'n Bull. during the summer I postd my Sonny Tufts poem which recalls a famous incident at the Sunset Strip restaurant. altho I wasn't actually there for that I did chat with John Carradine at the Cock'n Bull. & had dinner there with my dear friend Richard Martin & other members of the costume fraternity when I was dabbling in that.

& representing the other coast -- the legendary Max's Kansas City.

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Bill Fogle said...

Neat collection. I ended up with all my mother's "cocktaileriana." There's a photo of Jobriath with ANDY and Bianca Jagger, and I think it was taken at Max's Kansas City. I was probably 11.