06 October 2011

future of this blog

if I go silent here it's because of technology.

to use my new cell phone I had to create a gmail account. in that process something happend with my Google log-in. all morning I was unable to get to the page which allows me to post. then without warning the old prompt came back & I'm able to post this.

but I can't be certain that I'll always have the opportunity to find the old log-in page.


Bob said...

It would be a mistake to discontinue your efforts here.

richard lopez said...

agreed. wonder what might be the trouble with your login. can you sign in using the link at the top of your blog?

i'm sure the fix is probably pretty simple. maybe you can google your troubles. i'm sure if you have this sort of problem a lot of other people had similar problems and posted solutions on this here miraculous thing called the interwebs.