25 June 2011

dying again

some time ago I wrote abt the impending death of my favorite potato chip. that time it came back.

but in the latest batch of clippings from Mom I learn that the company that bought Elyria's local Thomasson potato chips is going national & will discontinue this part of their operations in another 6 months.

here are poets Robert Peters & Jacob Leed at a party at my last Kent home:

that blue & white & red can was full of Thomasson's chips.

another part of my past is vanishing.


MjB said...

How long did Thomasson keep the tin cans for their chips? Growing up, our north-central Ohio favorite was Ballriech Bros. chips of Tiffin, Ohio. My grandma kept the chips in a tin can. Long after they stopped shipping the chips in tins, she would simply cut the bags open and put them in her old tin--it always struck me as a cool and classy way to serve up the humble potato chip. I'm sorry to hear another local chip maker is moving on.

AlexG said...

all I remember is that many years ago we'd pick up a can & the chips wd still be warm.

sadly I didn't keep that can. thot I did but must've not survivd the move west.

AlexG said...