23 June 2011

1921 Motion Picture Directory

this fascinating document is available to download. for the cinemaddict it's 428 pages of delight. the first section features full-page ads for those in front of the camera (such as May Allison) & those behind (William Desmond Taylor) with lovely portraits.

then a compilation of listings such as this:

WILSON, Lois; b. Pittsburg, Pa. ; educ. Ala. Normal
Coll.; screen career, representative of Ala.
in Universal's Beauty Contest, Paralta ("A
Man's Man." "Turn of a Card," "His Robe of
Honor," "One Dollar Bid," "End of the
Game"), Lasky ("Love Insurance," "Why
Smith Left Home," "It Pays to Advertise,"
"Too Much Johnson," "Thou Art the Man,"
"City of Masks," "A Full House," "Midsummer
Madness," "City of Silent Men"). Hght., 5,
5%; wght., 120; brown hair, hazel eyes. Ad.,
Lasky Studio, Hollywood. Cal.

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