17 March 2011

looking back

my hometown paper -- the Chronicle Telegram -- has this in today's edition:

It was 50 years ago on St. Patrick’s Day that the state of Ohio last used sudden death to decide a game. It was a regional semifinal game and Elyria got the win, 44-42, over Lima Senior.

altho I wasn't much interestd in basketball   as editor of the high school paper then I wrote a front-page story abt the upcoming game. & on the sports page that editor Ivan Braun ran headshots of the team.

here's the team picture the C-T is currently running:

I was in classes with some of these guys but not friends with any of them. at least one of them is dead. I suspect some of the survivors will attend my 50th high school reunion this summer (altho I have no plans to be there).

2 things come to mind seeing pictures of the team in action. first has got to be the harshness of time's passage. & on a frivolous note: do you see the size of those shorts? I don't watch basketball on tv but when I catch a moment while channel-chasing I always wonder when & why the fashion changd from sexy form-fitting shorts to those baggy saggy skirt-like things players wear these days.


cinemage books said...

yum mooo.

MjB said...

I don't know why exactly the fashion changed to the long shorts players wear today, but the short-shorts offer very poor splinter protection, as I learned when I got a nasty cut on my thigh in Clyde, Ohio, circa 1986. Bench players really do run the risk of splinters. After that night, I tried to convince the team trainer to carry an electric rotary sander and a long extension cord to all the games. Right after *that* my "career" ended . . .