23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

I took this is Taos 10 years ago. obviously it isn't a great photograph. but as so often in her life Taylor was in the middle of a jostling mob so it was difficult to even point a camera without being manhandld by her admirers. that was the last of several times I saw this legend.


Bill said...

Odd that you say that, b/c before I read that you took it, I thought "What a great photo!"

Sigh. My grandmother (father's mother)used to complain that my mother and "Jobriath" would "talk about Elizabeth Taylor all the time." I always remember that from growing up. My grandmother didn't get the glammer thing.

Jesus Crisis said...

I love this photo

Stephen Silha said...

I like it too - better jostled than still!