28 December 2010

Xmas now past

despite the ill bookends of flight delays the time I spent in Las Vegas was good. Garold Gardner pickd me up at the airport & whiskd me off to Ellis Island for super b-b-q. then I checkd into my favorite room at Blue Moon.

on Xmas Gary Sielaff gatherd me up & we went to the Strip to enjoy a sublime meal at Morels. then we were brave. we walkd thru mobs to LV's newest hotel -- the Cosmopolitan. I was disappointd   writing in my travel journal that it looks "like the aftermath of a cyclone having gone thru Cher's closet." here I am with a shoe:

from there we walkd to the Bellagio to see their holiday display:

I was so worn down by fighting the crowds that the next day I never left the resort.

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Malibu Boy said...

"here I am with a shoe" - ahhh, that is blog poetry right there! The Bellagio has always been my favorite place to stay, but I'll be giving Blue Moon business in 2011.