21 December 2010

The Morning I Woke with Geof Huth

mother worries
preventd observation
of eclipse

my dreamless nite
sped by
till I woke
with his breath
on my shoulder
his song
in my ear

this man
I've never met
poked me
with the fullness
of his poet life

& I was able
to grind
my Tanzanian beans
with a grin


Geof Huth said...

Thanks, Alex. First poem ever, I think, with my name in the title.


AlexG said...

a relief to hear from you. when I woke up this morning I suddenly startd thinking abt yr work as I encounter it on yr blog & Facebook. I admire how yr art is so present in yr life. so I wrote this & immediately postd it.

Geof Huth said...

And I made a link to this in the list of "Gifts" in the sidebar of my dbqp blog, so others (and I later) can find it).

Maybe the art is too present.