05 December 2010


last nite I saw "From Broadway with Love" featuring Kaye Ballard     Donna McKechnie     Liliane Montevecchi. the trio opend the show singing "Broadway Baby" together. ever since I heard Ethel Shutta introduce the song at the Winter Garden it's been one of my Sondheim faves. but this is the first time I've heard 3 performers sing it together. it was a fun evening. & in the audience was Hilary Knight who did the poster for the show but always has a place in my heart for the illustrations for "Eloise."

this afternoon something quite different -- a college production of Sam Shepard's "Tooth of Crime." it's been some years since I saw this off-Broadway. this production was surprisingly good with an accomplishd portrayal of Hoss by Aaron Lopez.

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Stephen said...

I love Ethel Shutta in the original, but there have been many great covers. I like Bernadette Peters' super slow version on her Sondheim Concert album.