01 April 2008

yoke. o? o no....

    Eggs Benedict and conversation.

    That's my idea of a good time.

            Tom Beckett (31 mar 08)

at the gym this ayem I was applying the Burt's Bees Hand Salve that David Meredith gave me to my feet when I suddenly sd to myself "is eggs art?"

grammar be damnd. it seemd a powerful intellectual moment in the life of a non-intellectual. was I concernd that my recent eggsperiment has attractd no following? blather. little of my 40 years of scribbles has seen notice. writing is what writers do. & I'll keep on doing it till they stick the morphine under my tongue.

I don't eat eggs often. & my social circle has shrunk. death does that. so I talk to myself. I try to have a good time. & a large part of that is writing. when things get bleak -- which is what aging seems to be abt -- it's all that gets me thru.

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