16 April 2008


the current Vanity Fair includes a chunk of a new book abt one of my faves Doris Day. I suspect the dazzling Doris is no longer a big enuf draw to make the cover. so VF put on Madonna.

I know some will ask me to return my gay card but I never got Madonna. yes she has an amazing ability to get publicity. but I've never found her talentd or appealing in any kind of a way.


Anonymous said...

I shared you sentiment until I was gifted second row seats to one of her concerts. I was totally blown away by her energy and how much she gave to that performance. She was very impressive in a live performance but I continue to share your assessment of her publicity gathering abilities.


cinemage books said...

Don't mind her as a "personality" but as a singer? forget about it. Now Doris, my heart flutters just at the mention of her name. I've adored her since I was 7 or eight years old. Talk about gifted and energy. Even her crap films are watchable because of her. Its a shame that she threw away her career so early on.