21 April 2008

"Alice Neel"

it's startling to me that it's been 45 years since I was at a party in Manhattan with the artist.

her grandson has made a vibrant documentary abt Neel which is a must for anyone interestd in painting.

Neel's message is that artists must make what they feel they need to make & that they need to keep on doing it.


Montgomery Maxton said...

i have LOVED ms neel for years and have been dying to see that movie. is it on DVD yet?

lucky u getting to party with her.

cinemage books said...

I recall her vividly from the early 70's and once had dinner with her at the Alloway's. She was interesting, but totally self-involved. She ignored me the whole evening,after all I was just a young artist. She did a nude painting of my lover at the time, which the whitney owns. Once at an opening she got into a nasty scene with alex katz, at that time she was in a wheelchair. Susan Sarandon played her in the film version of joe gould's secret which is a nice little film. I like her paintings quite a bit. A friend of mine once found one of her paintings on the street and returned it to her thinking she might give him a reward. she didn't. a real character.