13 January 2008


Mamie Van Doren's wine never touches my lips. will that make Eileen Tabios laugh or cry? I get these thots while waiting for the farfalle to approach al dente. that's what my life's become. meatballs stewing while Medicare kicks in. I pick up an old book: Kenneth Patchen dead at 60. did I write that? yup. I've been putting those black boxes on everything I write. too old to change. I have no mozzarella. maybe blueberry juice instead of Mamietage. if I can keep tomato sauce off my gray turtleneck I'll write to Jim Cory. if I'm still alive tonite I'll watch the western John Ericson made a year or so ago. yes. I eat mucho pasta.

1 comment:

Tom Beckett said...

Farfalle. Mmmm. That's a lovable noodle.

And you better be alive tomorrow, Alex. We have unfinished business.

Next time you're in Ohio we ought to stop in at Mangiamo in Twin Lakes. You'd like it. They've good pasta there. Though I'm always drawn to the cioppino. I owe you a meal (a few, actually).

Hang in there.