12 January 2008

"Raging Bull" on ice

obituaries of Christopher Bowman noted that he weighd in at 300 pounds when he died.

if you're too young to remember him at his peak 20 years ago then this isn't shocking. but I knew him as an attractive slender young man. I saw him skate several times -- both in competition (World's in Cincinnati in 1987) & on tour. he was as dazzling as any man who ever laced up a pair of skates.

I also have a quick personal memory. in 1991 I arrivd at Richfield Coliseum early. as I was walking around I got a backstage peek at several of the performers having some fun. Bowman was playing table tennis with Tonya Harding   Brian Orser & Todd Eldridge. they were all giggling.

in the past few years rumors abt Bowman's drug use quietd down only because no one spoke of him any more. he seemd to have disappeard & as so often happens with celebrities he was forgotten. his death in a cheap motel brought him back into the headlines.

all day yesterday I was depressd thinking abt his inability to deal with his demons. those sad last photos of the bloatd man he became are disturbing. but I will try to always remember him as a brash beauty catapulting thru air with a devilish smile on his face.

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