05 January 2008

depending on technology

yesterday I had no e-mail for a spell.

last nite my satellite tv went out.

I woke to no internet.

it's frustrating when these things on which we depend suddenly are gone. at least I'm back online & in a while will see if I can watch a movie.


durlx said...

I've had some problems lately with Cox Cable and it's amazing how cranky I can get in the morning if I don't have my internet connection! It's like it used to be when I didn't find my newspaper on the doorstep in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Alex, durlx and I can all remember the days without iPods, cell phones, internet, laptops, satellite and cable TV, and dare I say it - color TV. Now we don't know what to do with ourselves when we don't have access when we want it.

I've ordered a Kindle and I'm beginning to wonder how it will affect my routine and change the way I read.