26 December 2007

unlike my father

I have little kinship with tools. so today's achievement -- minor as it was -- looms a bit larger for me.

the faucet in the guest bathroom has been squirting water where water shdn't be. this morning I finally got so upset with it that I uncoverd my pliers & got the nozzle off. it was suffering from corrosion. so I undid it & put the parts in vinegar. I brushd but that did little. then I rememberd that I'd saved an old faucet for parts. now that alone is odd for me to have done. so I unscrewd that nozzle & put it in vinegar. when I came home from the gym I took the clean screen from the old nozzle & cobbld it onto the other & replacd the parts. so it now works.


Montgomery Maxton said...

what a stud. quick, someone call Falcon Studios!

Vera Charles said...

We've seen your tool before lovie. Thanks to Bryan.

I just can't figure out how you fixed a faucet with it.

Wrenching kisses,