02 December 2007

"Tin Man"

less than 2 weeks after seeing the Munchkins in Hollywood & only 24 hours after seeing Alan Cumming & Raoul Trujillo on stage in town I caught the opening installment of this imaginative re-envisioning of "The Wizard of Oz." altho it held my interest I'm not certain I'll be able to remain attentive for 4 more hours of it.


richard lopez said...

anna and i watched the 2nd half of the 1st installment last night too. interesting visually, kind of a retro-chic 1930s fascist thing going on. and cumming is always a delight, so is richard dreyfus. don't know if i'll watch the rest of the installments since the story was rather slack. or maybe it just seemed that way since i'm in the midst of battling a cold and my voice sounds like the creak of an old, chewed up, piece of leather.

AlexG said...

hey Richard -- that workd for Tallulah.