30 December 2007

bad blonde

my addiction to movie star bios began early. I stard buying them in my pre-teen years & still have some of those first volumes in my library.

this afternoon I finishd reading one of the most disturbing stories of anyone who ever made a film. John O'Dowd's Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is the sad tale of Barbara Payton.

she was neither the most beautiful nor the most talentd starlet in Hollywood history but she was glamorous & she appeard in a few films still marketd on DVD. & her story is so tragic that it makes for riveting reading. in the '50s Payton's incandescence lit up the Sunset Strip. at one time or another she was the mistress of Bob Hope   the wife of Franchot Tone   the plaything of Guy Madison. a mere decade later she gave $5 blowjobs in an alley to support her booze habit.


cinemage books said...

sounds like a pretty good life to me. I mean Guy Madison and $5.00 blow jobs. How yummy is that.

Montgomery Maxton said...

"$5 blowjobs in an alley to support her booze habit"

story of my 20s.

Anonymous said...
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