28 September 2007


when I met James Robert Parish in a theater bar in NYC in 1976 I was already a fan of his books. volumes such as Paramount Pretties & The Fox Girls were frequently consultd. over the years we became friends. the peaks & valleys we've both been thru wd easily make a book.

there are many things I admire abt JRP. he's a loyal & generous friend. & one of the hardest-working writers I know. that work has paid off. the shelves of books he's producd make an essential show business library.

the other day he sent me a copy of his newest -- The Hollywood Book of Extravagance published by John Wiley & Sons. the cover features Hollywood's most legendary hotel   Chateau Marmont (where I stayd for years till the rates soard to the ridiculous).

here we have short chapters covering "extravagant" stars from the silent era (John Barrymore & Gloria Swanson)to today's headlines (Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton).

      with JRP & T. Allan Taylor in Weho (1992)

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Montgomery Maxton said...

where is your belt! oh wait, WeHo, i get it, quicker access. nevermind, carry on, that's all <---meryl style