21 September 2007

back in front of the cameras

since moving here I've been an extra in 2 movies   "Santa Fe" (1997) & "Maniacts" (2001). today I did it again.

neighbor Rita & I went to the Rodeo Grounds where a young director by the name of Joshua Michael Stern was shooting "Swing Vote." we were in the stands as a helicopter shot down on us. finally the film's star Kevin Costner came out. he askd for a mic & gave a short but heartfelt impromptu speech abt how great movies are.

Costner was seatd near the stands & across the way was a stage on which presidential candidates were to debate. the candidates were playd by Dennis Hopper & Kelsey Grammer. altho we heard Costner say the same speech for several takes   the other actors performd in mime.

to entice the audience to remain till the wee hours prizes are being given away & later tonite Costner will appear with his band. but Rita & I escapd after a while.

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