23 September 2006

my best friend

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the love an animal gives is pure.

I was lucky. Melina was my companion for 16 years. that's longer than either of my partners. when I first saw her at the pound in Ravenna she was but a wee ball of white fluff but immediately made it known that I was to take her home.

in all the stages of her life she was a beauty. & her intelligence was dazzling. we never had a problem communicating. she wd wake me almost every morning by jumping on the bed. she'd quietly extend a paw to brush against my face. was ever there such an alarm clock. during the day when I was at the computer she'd announce that I was to move over so she cd take her half of the chair & there she'd sit sphinx-like as I wrote. & evenings when I sprawld on the bed to watch old movies she'd either plop on my lap or stretch beside me.

for nearly 40 years cats have been an important part of my life. I cherish the memory of them all. but my dear Melina was with me longer than any. in her final moments I thankd her for giving me so much love & kissd her good-bye.

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rob2 said...

Alex, I'm so sorry to hear about Melina. Thank you for sharing her pictures. I'm holding in my lap as I type one of my two dear cats. They are 14 and 13 and have been such wonderful companions for the eleven years they've been with me.

Malibu Boy said...

Even though I never met her in person and got to see her wonderful personality, it seems I have known her through our daily correspondence. I will "miss" her as well. Seeing her last picture made me cry. If people would only love each other like our animals love us, the world would be a better place. Those little furry souls bring out the best in us. Hugs, Alex.

Cali and Hilton

mass said...

I'm so sorry, Alex. Our pets really become family to us, and there's no easy way to say goodbye. Bigley and I are sending you warm thoughts and big hugs.